Cash registers, touch screen tills and EPoS solutions for hospitality and retail

GMH Cash Registers Ltd offer a range of cash registers, touch screen tills, EPoS systems, barcode scanning systems and accessories to suit any size of business. We only supply trusted brands including Sharp, Casio and Sam4S. Most of the products we provide are also available to lease or rent. Read more…

Give us a call so we can help you choose a cash register, touch screen till or EPoS system to suit your business, or find out more about our:

Touch screen EPoS systems

Epos Cash register

Fast, powerful, reliable, and cutting edge Touch screen EPoS systems that are perfect for bars, pubs or restaurant operations, and retailers who need a more complex till system.
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Mid-range cash registers

Mid range cash register

Cost-effective, pre-programmed cash registers that make taking money effortless: Ideal for pubs, restaurants, convenience stores and larger businesses that employ a number of staff.
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Basic cash registers

Basic cash register

Perfect if you’re a small business, kiosk, start up, or only need a simple till. These cash registers are affordable, compact, reliable, easy to set up, and simple to use.
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Till Rolls and accessories

tills rolls and accessories

Just call us and tell us exactly which till rolls and accessories you need and we will arrange your swift delivery (free delivery for orders over £50 plus VAT).
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Buy, lease or rent
There’s no minimum term for renting our cash registers or EPoS systems and we offer convenient mid-term and long-term leasing options. Perfect if you’re looking for one off event hire or don’t want to commit to buying a system outright.

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